Child IQ Testing
& Academic Assessments in a personalised and friendly service

  • Intellectual ability/IQ
  • Academic ability
  • Emotional/Behavioural functioning
  • ADHD/Inattention/Impulsivity
  • Memory functioning
  • Executive functioning (planning, reasoning, organising)
  • Opportunity Class & Selective School applications

Sydney Child Testing is a service providing IQ, cognitive/behavioural, and academic testing for children and adolescents in Sydney.

We are dedicated to providing a comfortable and supportive testing environment for children aged between 3 and 16 years.

IQ and academic testing provides important information for making educational choices, and is often done so that children can be placed in the appropriate learning environments. Testing is also a helpful way for parents to learn about their child's cognitive strengths and weaknesses, and preferred learning style. A report provides objective verification of a child's academic needs and details recommendations so that a child's learning environment can be adapted successfully to best fit their cognitive ability.

Contact us to
discuss testing your child at our Beecroft 
or Lane Cove office

Reasons for testing your child include:


Giftedness /




Early entry
to Kindergarten


Selective school admission


Screening for
learning difficulties

(e.g., struggles with spelling, written work, maths and/or reading)


Boredom or
behavioural problems

presenting in the classroom /
at home (e.g., inattention, hyperactivity, impulsivity; ADHD symptoms)


Admission to special
educational programs

(e.g., enrichment, extension
and acceleration programs)

How we work

  • Assessment process

    Our assessment process draws on the child’s developmental and educational history via a clinical assessment form, test results and observations and parent/teacher feedback

  • Results & recommendations

    We provide informal results on the day of testing and a detailed written report with results and recommendations in 2-3 weeks’ time

  • Follow up support

    We are available for telephone/email advice with flexible times, Monday to Saturday